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Envision Juniors (10U) 

A team that will be playing locally

What's included in Junior Fee of

- All AAU Registration/Membership

- Club Registration & Insurance

- One/Two practices a week

-Once a Month Tournaments Locally or 3 times during season depending on plan 

- Uniform Package

(1 jersey, 1 pair of spandex, 2 practice tees, pullover and drawstring backpack 

- Equipment & Facilities Costs

- Administrative Costs

- Coaches and Asst. Coaches Stipends

- Equipment

All travel arrangements for tournaments and multiple day tournaments are not included in the club fees and are the responsibility of each family.


All payments are non-refundable.  If a player quits, the entire tuition is to be paid.  Medical refund will be applied only if there is a player is seriously injured (with a doctors note) and cannot play for the remainder of the season.

$550 2 day practices and games
$350 1 day practice & games 
games will be played locally 

Payment Options

Below are the different payment options.  You are more then welcome to get sponsors.  If you are interested please let us know and we will give you the information.

Practices 2 times a week


This pricing will include 2 practices a week  and 1 game a month.  Practices will start January 27th through the end of May.


Payment Plan for 2 Days

January 22nd - $150.00

February 22nd  - $133.00

March 22nd - $133.00

April 22nd - $133.00

Practices 1 time a week


This pricing will include 1 practice a week and 3 games during the season.  Practices will start January 29th through May. 


Payment Plan for 1 Day a Week

January 22nd - $150.00

February 22nd - $70.00

March 22nd - $70.00

April 22nd - $70.00

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